Wise Eyes Proofreading

Wise Eyes Proofreading is owned and run by hard working educators who love to assist people to improve and succeed with their career, work and educational goals.

We are a small, conscientious team, dedicated to providing a personal and friendly service - not a big business or money oriented company distributing your hard work to faceless employees. Our team, at Wise Eyes Proofreading is here to specifically help you improve and complete your writing to a high standard. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a friendly, professional and caring service.

We take the time to thoroughly proofread your document - unlike bigger proofreading companies who value quantity rather than quality. We guarantee two sets of eyes will proofread or edit your document.

You will know exactly who you are working with and you have access to the people completing the service. Quality and consistent effort, time after time, with a personal and human touch - is what you can count on from Wise Eyes Proofreading.

We are every writer’s best friend.

We make businesses sound better.

We are a student’s BFF.

Fields We Cover

schools - universities - publications - colleges - websites - TAFE - management,

Websites, blogs and Apps (Apple and Microsoft),

OH & S - novels - Psychology - magazines - Psychiatry - health & nutrition - conservation,

employment - reviews - sport - research - teaching - education - workplace.