Self-Publishing Authors

Self-Publishing Authors

We proofread and/or edit your creative written manuscript. 

You would have already spent a lot of time self-editing your own book. When we read our own writing, our brain doesn't focus on every detail. It makes assumptions about what is being read, which uses less brain power. We already know the meaning that is being conveyed, which makes it easier for us to miss our own typing errors. Our brain is blind to the details because it is operating instinctively and efficiently.

Proofreading with a fresh set of eyes can catch errors that you have missed.

We give your manuscript fresh eyes, looking for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, as well as narrative arcs and story structure. Editing involves fixing sentence structure, word choice (e.g. crutch words) and grammar. Developmental editing involves looking at the structure of the story and narrative arcs.

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