School Reports and Publications

School Reports and Publications

We have proofread and edited school magazines, publications and reports for schools across the nation.

School Publications

We edit/proofread quarterly and biannual publications for grammar, spelling, and readability.

School Reports

Most school reports go through two rounds of editing. They are proofread by colleagues, before going to the principal/head, who then needs to find time to edit the reports for the whole school.

It can take 20+ hours to edit about 10 classes of reports.

Principals do not have 20 extra hours of time in their week, and are forced to take them home to do in their personal time. 

For just a small fee, we can do the hard work for you.

With 20+ years of experience in the education field, we are highly qualified to ensure your publications are error-free.


When proofreading and editing, exhausted teachers' and principals' brains make assumptions about what they are reading and can easily miss typing errors.

For just a tiny part of your budget, you will:


Typical errors can include:

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